The Killer Instinct World Cup and Season 3 at KI World Cup

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 11 January 2016

The Killer Instinct World Cup and Season 3 at KI World Cup

The stage for Killer Instinct World Cup is all set in San Antonio, Texas on 30 and 31st of Jan 2016. The players for this tournament have to qualify in order to play in the final event at Texas, there are five places where the qualifiers will happen and based on the points scored and standing in the top 16 will enter the tournament. These 16 qualifiers do not need to register as they are ranked top in the list, however, others who have not qualified should register with a fee of $25 which will give them an event badge, this event badge will cover for all the event and after party that will be held on 31st Jan on completion of the tournament.

Several Questions were asked in regards to the tournament. So Mr. Brandon Alexander comes with his answers for those questions. One of the questions was if Shadow Jago can be used in the tournament and the have considered this and the KI team is happy to announce that using of Shadow Jago is legal in the tournament as all the people had fair amount of time in using this character

The next important thing that people were concerned was if they will have access to combo assist feature in the tournament, unfortunately, this feature is still in beta access and it is still in work in progress. Though this feature will not be allowed in this tournament, the KI team said that this will feature will be allowed in all tournaments down the line once the feature is out of beta version.

The hyped word that all have been looking out for is to see the playable preview of Killer Instinct Season 3 characters. For this, the people who are coming to the tournament will be feasted with the play preview at the game floor after the tournament. However, for the people who will not make it to the tournament, it is not a constraint as the play preview will be shown at PAX South during the same weekend as Season 3 is planned to release there as the goal is to reach more places with more playing hands.
For the complete rules and current top players in terms of points please click here KillerInstinctWorldCup. 

For the KI World Cup trailer see below video

Source: Ultra-Combo and UltraArcade