The Rule Book (EVO Banned 2 SFV Stages on its latest rule update)

Tournament // News // By pets_torrefranca // 04 July 2016

The Rule Book (EVO Banned 2 SFV Stages on its latest rule update)

EventHubs recently published an update on the upcoming EVO 2016 Rules which includes the exclusion of two stages mainly the Kanzuki Family Beach and the Training stage.

With less than two weeks more to go before one of the world's biggest SFV tournament, comments and discussion boards are filling up with comments and reactions.

Though there is no specific reason for the rule change, the comments and discussions make a lot of sense like the one from Von_Kunlun_BOOF who explained that the "Beach is banned because when you're fighting birdie, and he throws the can or the banana on the ground you can't see it for crap.
Dhalsim's flame carpet is hard to see where it starts and stops".
Cool looking stage, it's just annoying the water complicating things." Another comment by RaptorJD states that " They ban training stage in Japan as well. It's to avoid setups that are perfectly spaced due to having the training space grid floor, it's that simple."

Whatever the reason was for the Rule update it probably is for the good of the tournament.

Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated on the developments of the upcoming EVO events, in the meantime check out the Kanzuki beach gameplay below.

"Kanzuki Beach Gameplay"

Source: EVO, EventHubs, Jigsaw LetsPlay