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Can I register on the tournament day?

Yes you can, but fee charges will be will be higher. So, we recommend you to register online before the online registration closes.

If I’m late to the tournament, will I be able to participate the tournament?

Depends on schedule and time of your tournament game. If registration is closed the respective game started then you cannot participate.

In case if I can’t attend the OUG tournament, is the ticket fee refundable?

Please note the amount is not refundable nor transferrable.

Any discount rate on Hotels for OUG participants?

Yes there is, please check our main tournament page.

How can I reach to OUG Tournament?

Please check our main page for tournament location. There are many services available like metro, cabs etc. to reach the tournament location.

Is it allowed to configure my controller?

Yes you can, in tournament you will be given 2 minutes time to configure your controller.

Is smoking and eating allowed in Tournament Venue?

Not allowed at the tournament venue, however we have dedicated places for refreshments.

As spectator, is there any tickets fee?

Yes there is, all attendees must have passes before entering.

When is the deadline for online registration?

1st of October.

What is the total prize pool for all games?

Total prize will be 30,000 AED and it will be divided for each game. It may increase or decrease depending on number of particpants for each game.

Is there any restaurants close by?

The hotel offers discounted buffet for OUG participants.

Will Wifi access be given to participants?

We do not provide Wifi access to participants.

If i have not created my profile in the website but i have taken part in the tournament, would my rank be still displayed?

Unfortunately, if there is no profile created in the website we cannot publish the rank as ranks are associated directly to your profiles.

Can we come to event and exhibit/Sell any of our products during the event?

This is completely not allowed as per our compliance policies, if interested to do so please approach the admin team of OUG to provide you approval. Please bear in mind that if someone is found exhibiting or selling things ilegally without OUG's approval, they will be liable for legal consequences.


For any inquiries and more information, please contact us.