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Game Rules

Fifa 2019

Tekken 7

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The King of Fighters XIV

Street Fighter V

Injustice 2

  • All games are 3/5.
  • Timer is set at 180 secs for the round.
  • Winner must keep same character & loser may switch the character.
  • Gear properties off / competitive mode ON.
  • Stage interactables ON.
  • The first game will have random select on the stage and the second game onwards the looser gets to select the stage.
  • If a player opts for random selection of character, and wins, the next match he has to pick by random select as well.
  • If a DLC is released in tourney month - that character is banned from use during the tournament.

Super Smash Bros. WiiU

Game Settings

B. Stage List

Battlefield may be switched with miiverse if both parties agree to do so.

**These count as alternative stages. if FD is banned, so are omega stages. If BF is banned, so is DL64. (and vice versa) This also applies to MDSR.

C. Additional Rules

Stage Bans: During the stage ban phase, the player who won the previous game may ban 1 stage from either the Starter or Counterpick lists.

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