Game/اللعبة: Fortnite
Type/صنف: Online
Organizer/المنظم: test

Tournament Information

30 Jul

Note. Please fill the complete form in English Language only.

Team Details/معلومات الفريق

This is how you will publicaly appear in this Tournament

Team Name
Player 1/اللاعب - Registration
Player 2/اللاعب - Registration
Substitute 1/الاحتياط - Registration



Please be friendly and respectful. Any disrespect or insults towards the other participants or the organizers will not be tolerated and the participant will be disqualified and banned from future tournaments.

Please ensure to have a stable internet (WIFI) connection.All players on a Teams roster must have held a ranking for PUBG MOBILE of Platinum “or above, in any mode (TPP or FPP),at the time of registration for any Official Competition
Participants will be called for their matches, and if no answer is received within 5 minutes, then the player will be disqualified.
Please keep a screenshot / picture / video proof in case of a conflict in reporting the results. The proof has to include the score, the names and a time stamp. This will be then being the judgment of the organizer to resolve the conflict.
In the case of the disconnections, inform the organizer immediately.
If you notice anything that is not within the rules, it is your responsibility to report it to the organizer before the match starts. The player who is not abiding by the rules risks disqualification and a potential ban from future tournaments.


Have fun!

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